Without the people below this upgrade could've never become reality. Please read the notes below and if you are one of the people I credit know that I greatly value the work and effort you've given. If you feel left out please contact me immediately so that I can change and add your name to the list.

The Su-15 v2.01 package was made by:

Aircraft LODs Boopidoo
Aircraft textures Volksjaeger & Boopidoo
Aircraft decals Volksjaeger & Boopidoo
Cockpit LODs Boopidoo
Cockpit textures Boopidoo & Badger the Bad
su15tm_data.ini kreelin, MoonJumper & Boopidoo
su15tm_avionics.ini Boopidoo
su15tm_loadout.ini Boopidoo
su15tm_cockpit.ini Boopidoo
SU15_ABEmitter.ini kreelin & bpao
SU15ab.tga kreelin & bpao (originally F14ab.tga by Deuces)
Su15Engine.wav kreelin
MiGLock.wav Fubar512 (from Magos & team MiG-21 cockpit)
MiGTrack.wav Fubar512 (from Magos & team MiG-21 cockpit)

Special thanks to:

Invaluable testing by MoonJumper and kreelin which inspired me to improve the model way beyond my initial goals. Thanks Volksjaeger, Eruyi & Hawkwind for help with the original model. Armourdave gave me a lot of invaluable help and support, thanks David! Thanks to Mago for help and tutoring regarding Soviet avionics and especially the RWR. Also, thanks wpnssgt for your dragchute idea and help when I tried to model it correctly in 3dsmax.

Without the help from you guys of the and forums this wouldn't have happened.