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In this download area you can download any of these downloads below. As it is now only the Su-15TM Flagon-F version is available for download. The earlier Flagon-A version hasn't been upgraded to v2.0 status and is therefore now available here. However, if you truly want the single delta fighter just try to contact me at or forums.

Please contact me on or forums if you find anything that could or should be fixed, updated or added. My

Sukhoi Su-15TM Flagon-F v2.02 complete package[15Mb]

This download consists of a complete package for Strike fighters project 1. It includes two skins, a detailed cockpit, sound files and afterburner effects. The self-extracting archive su15tm_v202_package.exe-file should be extracted into the Strike Fighters folder. Please read the credits page to see who helped make this package come true. The download file also contains a cockpit reference manual.

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Note 1:
The shadow may cause errors and look wierd when used with Radeon graphics cards.
Note 2:
To use the drag chute, deploy airbrakes and when the aircraft touches ground retract the flaps and push the stick slightly forward.
Note 3:

During flight you may want to trim the aircraft and here's how to do it, see below (thanks column5 and Gecko):

1. Open the "Default.ini"-file in the "Strike Fighters/Controls"-folder with a text editor such as Notepad

2. Scroll down to the [RangedControl001]

3. Change to "SelfCenterRate=0.000000"
This entry determines how quickly the value return to 0 after input. By setting this value to "SelfCenterRate=0.000000" you can now press the pitch controls (arrow keys by default) they will stick in the position inputed. Nevertheless there's still joystick control available on top of this, so the overall effect is very much like trim.

4. Change to "KeyControlRate=0.200000"
This input
determines the increment of each input and a lower value gives finer trim control.

Note 4:

If the correct weapons for the Su-15TM doesn't appear although you have installed the latest weaponspack you may have to install them separately. For this purpose I have included weaponsdata which can be merged to your existing weapondata.ini using the weaponeditor.

Sukhoi Su-15TM Flagon-F v2.02 update [2.8 Mb]

In this update package you can download and extract only the updated files instead of downloading the whole package again. The update fixes in this package can be used to upgrade any version of the Su-15TM no older then version 2.0. Thanks to all involved who have helped in identifying and giving solutions to these problems. To install this update you just need to extract the su15tm_v202_update.exe into your Strike Fighters folder.

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Skins for the Sukhoi Su-15TM Flagon-F

Besides the wonderful skins made by Volksjager for this bird the community have made some excellent add-ons.

Remember to copy the "chute.bmp" and "glass.tga" from any of the existing texture folders.

Also, since the Su-15 2.0 were released with slightly different model names the information found in the skin readme files may be outdated. To fix this simply change "Su-15F" to "su-15tm" and try again. I have made a special "su-15tm.ini" with these skins (below) applied to it for reference available for download.

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This blue skin found on MajorLees site is for the DBS terrain in the TriBlue fictional pattern. It looks really good and workes quite well when fighting up in the mountains.

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Marcelos skins found on Marcfighter are, as usual, of really high quality and he has really succeded to make the model look real and natural with realistic wear and dirt. I especially like the silver skins and the first multi colored camoflage skins.

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