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This webpage is dedicated for the re-release of the Sukhoi Su-15TM Flagon-F for Thirdwires Strike Fighters Project-1.

The work with the Su-15 for SFP1 actually started when some people at the SimHQ started talking about a Baltic Sea campaign set in the seventies starring the Swedish Draken, Lansen and Viggen fighters. I thought that no such campaign would be complete without the aircraft that for decades very often violated the Swedish aerial territory. So I took up 3d-modelling, something I've never done before, and after a few months two versions of the Su-15 Flagon were released in the spring of 2003. These were an early version with pure delta wings and a later version with double delta wings.

A cockpit was always intended for this aircraft but due to studies and work I simply almost forgot about SFP1. Anyway, work resumed last year and now a year later the cockpit is ready and with it a new release of the original aircraft as well.

With version 2.0 of this aircraft an unique cockpit is included which is quite a step up from the earlier modified F-4 pit. Apart from this the whole aircraft has been given a complete overhaul. Skins, decals, flightmodel and the 3d-model have been significantly improved and new details have been added such as a brakechute and more detailed airbrakes. The 3d-model and shadow have also been optimized for better framrates.

During the work process nothing would ever have been completed without Volkjaeger, Hawkwind and Eruyi who helped me with the first release. And this second release would never have been accomplished without kreelin, MoonJumper, Badger the bad, Armourdave, Mago, bpao, bunyap and many more from the column5 and SimHQ forums.

Anyway no matter if you have tried the early version or not I hope you will download and try the Sukhoi Su-15.


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